Newtonairds was one of the principal stations on the now closed Cairn Valley Light Railway branch from Dumfries. It served a very rural area in Dumfries and Galloway.

The CVR was nominally independent, but was in reality controlled by the Glasgow and South Western Railway. The station cost £212 to build in red brick with cream painted poster boards and chocolate-coloured framing. The extension over the front was covered with red tiles, as was the main roof. A booking office and waiting room was provided. A station master's house was also provided.

The passing loop and signal box at Newtonairds remained even after the 'one engine in steam' method of working was introduced circa 1936. Trains were controlled by a 'lock and block' system whereby the trains operated treadles on the single line to interact with the block instruments. Nothing now remains of the station but there are a few pictures of it in its heyday, one pictured below

Newtonairds Station



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