Kirkland railway station was one of the minor stations on the Cairn Valley Light Railway branch, from Dumfries. It served the rural area around Kirkland as a request stop, close to the terminus at Moniaive

The station had a simple tin shelter and a short siding with a loading bank. A station master's house was provided, designed by the company with a pyramid roof truncated by a central chimney stack. The shelter had been demolished by 1949. The stationmaster's house survives as a private dwelling.

Kirkland Station

The siding was worked by down trains only, goods for Dumfries being taken to the nearest station along. The points were unlocked with an Annett's key that was kept in a locked box on a post adjacent to the point.

Trains were controlled by a 'lock and block' system whereby the trains operated treadles on the single line to interact with the block instruments.

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