Ordering a Conversion
Here is the process for booking a conversion from Dascon
Contact us either through the  contact page, or by e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or on telephone number 07920407724 (The phones are not permanently covered so you may have to leave a message but I will get back to you)
Give as much detail as you can on the model or models you would like converted. If you dont have much dont worry, I know where to look for information
I will respond to your enquiry(usually within 24hrs) with details on the likely options and costs, I appreciate that dcc conversion is an investment and all options should be considered. I will also give timescales. All information can then be discussed by e-mail or phone
if you would like to go ahead
This is the easy part.
Just send the locos to me and I will do the conversions for you.
The address is:
Dascon DCC Fitting
6 Greenlea Crescent
Dumfries and Galloway
When complete I will send video test runs of your loco or locos by email. 
Only at this point will I request payment which can be made either by bank transfer or cheque. If you would like to pay by bank transfer I will send you bank details. I can also send an email invoice for immediate payment by credit or debit card on request but there is a small surcharge of 3.5% to cover the cost of this
All models are sent back to there owners with insurance to cover the new value of their trains



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b2223 Titfield Thunderbolt 1953