The Port Road

The Port Road. This website is dedicated to The Port Road which is the collective name for the "Portpatrick Railway", "Wigtownshire Railway" and "Castle Douglas and Dumfries Railway". The Portpatrick and Wigtonshire railways were amalgamated in 1885 and in combination with Castle Douglas to Dumfries became known as "The Port Road".

At time of writing 27th April 2015 this is still the beginning of a long term project to learn and understand the history of The Port Road, for now you will see a series of expanding photographic galleries in the menu structure as I visit and photograph specific sites on the line and its branch lines. In addition to study on "The Port Road" you can also now find some Galleries on the still active West Highland Line which will be updated from time to time

This page and many others will be updated and evolve over time but I hope to turn it into a general reference point for for those interested in studying a once vibrant enterprise which was both about life and crucially "full of life"

For now the inspiration for the project comes from the following link, namely a film shot by enthusiasts in the closing days of the Port Road in 1965. It shows many landmarks which can still be seen today, you can view the video via the NLS Library website by clicking this link

Read also about The Railway That Went The Wrong Way from Alistair Livingston







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b2223 Titfield Thunderbolt 1953



Marklin and HAG Locos On DCC

Marklin and HAG Locos On DCC

hag-logo    34638    3423498002 96c0200f22 z        hag28206    hag ho2    Marklin Maxi 54312 DB-AG Electric Freight Loco E 40 rt 800    marklin-ho-diesel-locomotives    brand 69

The 2 rail versions of Marklin and HAG locos run superbly once converted to dcc. They do require a full lighting rewire where the existing dc lamps are replaced with led's. This often results in a considerably enhanced lighting function which is both controlable and considerably more intense than the original. Decoders of choice for this kind of conversion are ESU Lokpilot or Lenz. If you have any enquiries on this kind of conversion please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please look at some examples below