The Port Road

The Port Road. This website is dedicated to The Port Road which is the collective name for the "Portpatrick Railway", "Wigtownshire Railway" and "Castle Douglas and Dumfries Railway". The Portpatrick and Wigtonshire railways were amalgamated in 1885 and in combination with Castle Douglas to Dumfries became known as "The Port Road".

At time of writing 27th April 2015 this is still the beginning of a long term project to learn and understand the history of The Port Road, for now you will see a series of expanding photographic galleries in the menu structure as I visit and photograph specific sites on the line and its branch lines. In addition to study on "The Port Road" you can also now find some Galleries on the still active West Highland Line which will be updated from time to time

This page and many others will be updated and evolve over time but I hope to turn it into a general reference point for for those interested in studying a once vibrant enterprise which was both about life and crucially "full of life"

For now the inspiration for the project comes from the following link, namely a film shot by enthusiasts in the closing days of the Port Road in 1965. It shows many landmarks which can still be seen today, you can view the video via the NLS Library website by clicking this link

Read also about The Railway That Went The Wrong Way from Alistair Livingston







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b2223 Titfield Thunderbolt 1953



Dapol Class 66 DCC Conversion

Dapol Class 66 DCC Conversion

Dapol gbrf class 66 1   P1040040 2

    dapol-nd066-a-b-class-66-ewsi-loco-66215-or-66022-72-p        66Loughborough

We offer a dcc conversion on the early Dapol Class 66 chassis.

This is one of the most difficult conversions to tackle. There are two specific problems with this conversion, the first is to create two separate lighting circuits for forward and reverse and this involves extensive rewiring and soldering very close to the led's. Secondly, the chassis re-build after isolation of the lower motor terminal is very difficult as the bogies are too large to fit through the available space on the plastic sideframe assembly.

Despite the difficulties this is the most rewarding conversion of all the recent diesels, slightly more expensive than most but well worth the effort as the chassis and motor on this model are quite superb. When complete the model runs beautifully at slow speeds and the chassis provides better traction than any other available to date

For information on prices and decoders please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here are a few examples


Here are a few pictures showing a good way to tackle the lighting issue, this method strips out the old lighting system and replaces it:

1) Remove the original leds and lighting board, prepare 1.8mm LED's to replace them all below


 2) Close up of the prepared LED's


 3) First circuit glued in place


 4) Both circuits glued in place


 5) Close up of the new LED's in situ


 6) Piece of Insulating tape either end provides all the light leakage shielding needed


 7) Wire the new lighting circuits to the new dcc chassis. This is the best way to convert this model which has the best chassis motor combination I have ever seen in an N Gauge Diesel from any supplier